The staff of the Marine Mammal Physiology Project is very diverse.  Many of our staff members are either undergraduate students at UC Santa Cruz or recent graduates in pursuit of their next life goal.  Together they form a team which accomplishes great milestones.



Dr. Terrie M. Williams

Director - Marine Mammal Physiology Project

Professor - Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, UC Santa Cruz

Beau Richter

Head Trainer

Traci L. Kendall

Program Manager and

Director of Research Training

Courtney Ribeiro-French

Senior Trainer

Graduate School


Aquarium & Zoological Community


Marine Biology


Human Medicine


Veterinary Medicine






Other Professional Fields


All our funding comes from scientific research grants. Many of these grants are limited in the amount of salary money they provide and as a result we rely on our incredible staff of interns to operate our program. To date, the Marine Mammal Physiology Project has worked with over 180 volunteer staff which operate every aspect of the program from animal care to animal training. The skill set these interns acquire serves them in a variety of capacities when they move on from the project. These areas of speciality include medical school, veterinary school, graduate school, professional animal training, and many other exceptional career paths.

Current Staff:

Jessica Wan

Assistant Trainer

Alyssa Castillou

Assistant Trainer

Sarah Dondelinger

Assistant Trainer

Mariana Salas

Animal Care

Catherine Latt

Senior Animal Care

Lisa Schouweiler

Animal Care